Online English for Vets - Clinical English and Communication Lectures

Struggling with client communication in the consult room?

65% of UK employers also don’t think non-English speaking overseas vets have good enough communication skills to be hired and 60% think they could do with a better English level.


We can help you beat the statistics.

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It’s no surprise that overseas vets feel 

That it's hard to get a job


That we struggle in the consultation when we start working


That the clients aren't listening to our advice

That the clients complain for things we didn’t realise had even happened

That we aren't getting feedback from the team, just being "told off" by the management

UK VetTalks exists to help you develop your clinical English and client communication skills in the consultation room.

We offer online English for veterinary practitioners.

  • Practise the discussions you’re going to have with your clients and colleagues
  • Learn the technical language and dozens of abbreviations and acronyms
  • Learn how to deal with common clinical cases
  • Practise what you say to clients (without the pressure of having to please them!) to explain complex situations
  • Learn specific skills required for your Occupational English Test

UK VetTalks offers you three in one!


Study the language and learn technical terms.


Train what you will be saying to UK clients in practice.

Clinical Knowledge

Learn about clinical cases that are common in the UK.

The online English classes for vets, UK VetTalks, are here so that you:

  • Develop your clinical knowledge and technical jargon about what you find and write down in UK practice
  • Stop feeling insecure during consultations
  • Look good in front of the clients because they understand what you are saying
  • Perform faster consultations because you’re quicker with your words and don’t have to think so much about your explanations
  • Become more confident in your communication and also clinical skills
  • Pass your Occupational English Test
  • Study for the RCVS Exam
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Who is this for?


Vets that want to improve their medical vocabulary

The classes cover medical vocabulary, spelling, abbreviations and acronyms.


Vets that need to improve their fluency

The classes are used to practise speech and improve the English accent.


Vets that want to improve their communication skills

The live classes prompt participants to practise what they say to clients.


Vets that are studying for the OET examination and the RCVS examination

Clinical knowledge but also practical knowledge about UK reality, with the opportunity to practice speech, listening and also reading skills. 

Unsure if this is for you?

Watch a free sample

All of the classes are recorded and archived. If you’re not sure that you will enjoy them, have a look at part of a previous class here on the left.

And don’t worry, you can still try the first week for free and cancel at no cost if you don’t like them!

Weekly Live Lectures

Hours of recordings and counting!



The Tutors

Farm Vet

Rebecca Howard

Rebecca is a farm animal vet working up in Yorkshire. She works mostly with sheep and cattle. She is responsible for the Wednesday meeting on farm practice.

Small animal vet

Agata Witkowska

Agata, or Aggie, is a small animal vet with a varied background. She currently works in a hospital setting and she has a keen interest on exotics. She runs the Thursday meeting on small animal practice.

Small animal vet

Andreia Dias

Andreia joins both meetings to run the software and deal with technical difficulties. But she’s a chatter so once in a while she interrupts with her many stories!

How it works…

UK VetTalks works as a monthly subscription. The first week is on the house, meaning you can join up to two live classes before you decide whether they are for you or not.

Live meetings take place using Zoom. You will have a tutor with slides to guide the meeting, but it’s strongly interactive!

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